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Horrol Technology present at the twenty-third national invention exhibition and BRICs' skills development and technological innovation competition

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Not only clean, more than clean

Quality products
Quality products
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Intelligent automationProduct Center

Exist for the advancement of science and technology

Intelligent automationProduct Center

Exist for the advancement of science and technology

Household sole cleaner

At the entrance of the household sole cleaner, a few people pass through the cleaner one time to clean the dust on the sole and wash and rub the sole with water to clean the indoor environment. No need to change shoes, light and portable, as a gift, safe and reliable self-contained power battery, long-term charging use, simple maintenance, to create a clean and warm home for you.

Villa commercial sole cleaner

The commercial villa type sole cleaner adopts the vertical type, which is more high-grade than the family type design. It is suitable for villas, hotels, business places, etc. it can effectively clean the dust on the soles of the honored visitors, avoid the embarrassment of changing shoes, reduce the workload of the nanny and the cleaner, clean the dust in time, and give you the honorable identity symbol.

Industrial automatic sole cleaner

The new industrial sole cleaner is more delicate, lighter and more powerful. It is suitable for office area, air shower room, entrance storehouse and other places. There is no need to worry about the situation that the door of air shower room can not be opened or closed. It can clean the sole dirt for three seconds through the belt brush and block the dust-free at the entrance.

Wind drenching room sole cleaner

As an entry sole cleaning equipment, sole cleaning machine aims to solve the problem of dirt brought into the room by the sole. Through the automatic induction start of the sole cleaner, the wet crawler brush rotates and rubs the sole, so as to clean up the dust on the sole, block the dust at the entrance, reduce the indoor floor cleaning workload, and establish a barrier to maintain the cleanliness of the indoor environment.

Intelligent shower

Perfect home, all depends on her! Enjoy life intelligently and feel the beauty of science and technology! Discover your way of life and enjoy quality life! Intelligent shower machine, lighting up life, give you a happy home! Home life, bathing, bathing, relaxing body and mind, massage, putting things on one machine, intelligent bathing machine, bathing heart enjoy.

Micro board loader

Micro board loader, advanced in the world, covers a small area, can put 50 boards, semi-automatic full-automatic printing machine can be used, single and double-sided boards can be placed, with small amount of movement and less wear. When the placement machine needs PCB board, the board loader can supply the board on time, without automatic board alarm, and the inclined board can automatically adjust the level of the board.

Fully automatic plate feeder

Fully automatic plate feeder adopts steel frame structure, which is stable and durable; microcomputer control card control system, which is stable and reliable in operation; touch screen display operation, convenient man-machine dialogue, simple in operation. The full-automatic plate feeder is used at the initial end of SMT production line to transmit multi-faceted PCB board, and push out PCB board one by one from PCB material rack after delivering the signal to the lower machine important board.

Fully automatic board collector

The aluminum alloy body of the full-automatic plate collector is solid and stable. Microcomputer PLC control system, stable and reliable. Touch screen display operation, convenient man-machine dialogue, simple operation. Multiple audible and visual alarm functions. According to the thickness of PCB, the lifting step distance of material rack can be set. Humanized design ensures that PCB is not pushed and improves output capacity.

Solder Paste Printer

Flexible frequency conversion solder paste precision printing machine, frequency conversion motor, touch color screen control. The blade can float up and down freely, and the scraper seat can be adjusted back and forth. The combined printing board has a fixed groove and pin positioning hole, which is suitable for single and double-sided printing. Trinity solenoid valve control, easy maintenance, PLC frequency control, automatic counting, man-machine dialogue.

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We have always been committed to connecting our dear partners, customers and communities more closely, and we firmly believe that here we can connect with a broader stage and make positive changes to the outside world. To explore the global market, we look forward to your joining us to jointly develop the global market, create more value and make greater contribution to the global development.

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Dongguan Horrol Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a scientific and technological enterprise integrating research and development, production, sales and service. Since its establishment, it has boldly tried to innovate and learned from the industry experience at home and abroad. It has successively developed products such as sole cleaner, micro board loader, intelligent shower machine, full-automatic board feeder, full-automatic board collector, solder paste printing machine, etc., Adhere to the fundamental tenet of scientific and technological innovation, adhere to the corporate culture core of "Affinity、Sincerity、Benefit、Tolerance", adhere to the corporate culture of "Live because of you,change for you,great virtue bears all things, virtue spreads over the world,innovating science and technology, changing life,make life better.". adhere to the scientific outlook on development, innovate and improve constantly, uphold the principle of "All for customers ,everything from the quality" With our sincere and professional technical services, we can provide high standard and high quality artificial intelligence automation products for enterprises and families, create more value for users and make our life better.


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