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THE Automatic sole disinfection machine

The entrance automatic sole disinfection machine is at the entrance to clean the soles of dirt and disinfection, and wash the soles with water to clean the indoor environment. There is no need to change shoes when entering the office area or on the stairs, and there is no need for frequent cleaning by cleaners. It not only cleans the environment but also improves the grade, and the effect of multi-tasking helps the birth of the image.

Stairway entrance sole shoe washing machine

Enter the office area or workshop, enter the sole shoe washing machine through the stairs, and the automatic induction start can clean the sole and remove the sole dust. Through the staircase space, the sole dust and dirt are blocked at the sole cleaning machine equipment, without cleaning Frequent cleaning of the stairs by workers also improves the environmental quality.

Industrial automatic sole cleaning machine

The new industrial shoe sole cleaning machine is more exquisite in appearance, thinner and more powerful. It is suitable for office areas, air shower rooms, entrance warehouses and other places. There is no need to worry about the situation that the air shower door cannot be opened or closed. The belt brush can be used for three times. Clean the dirt and dust on the sole within seconds, and block no dust at the entrance.

Air shower sole cleaning machine

The sole cleaning machine is a kind of entrance sole cleaning equipment, which aims to solve the problem of dust brought into the room by the sole. The sole cleaner is automatically activated by induction, and the wetted crawler brush rotates and rubs the sole, thereby cleaning the sole dirt and blocking the dirt at the entrance, reducing the workload of indoor floor cleaning, and establishing a barrier to keep the indoor environment clean.

SMT peripheral equipment

Horrol Technology has accumulated and explored for many years, and can now provide smt peripheral equipment solutions. The solder paste printing machine to the board receiving machine are all independently developed and produced. Semi-automatic washing cream printing machine, automatic screen printing machine, parallel transfer machine, NG/OK unwinding machine, micro plate loading machine, connecting table, stacked plate stacking machine, automatic loading and unloading machine, etc. Customized development according to customer needs.

Micro board machine

Miniature loading machine, the world's advanced, small footprint, can hold 50 boards, semi-automatic printing machine can be used, single and double panels can be placed, less movement and less wear, when the placement machine needs PCB board, the board is loaded The machine supplies the boards on time, and automatically alarms when there is no board. The board can be automatically leveled and sent when the board is placed obliquely, which is more comfortable to use.

Automatic feeding machine

The automatic board feeding machine adopts a steel frame structure, which is stable and durable; a microcomputer control card control system, stable and reliable operation; touch screen display operation, convenient man-machine dialogue, simple operation. The automatic board feeder is used at the beginning of the SMT production line to transmit the multi-sided PCB board, and after the signal is sent to the lower computer, the PCB board is pushed out one by one from the PCB rack.

Automatic unwinding machine

The aluminum alloy body of the automatic unwinding machine is strong and stable. Microcomputer PLC control system, stable and reliable work. Touch screen display operation, convenient man-machine dialogue and simple operation. Multiple sound and light alarm functions. The lifting step of the material rack can be set according to the thickness of the PCB. The humanized design ensures that the PCB board will not be broken and improves the output capacity.

Solder Paste Printer

Flexible frequency conversion solder paste precision printing machine, frequency conversion motor, touch color screen control. The squeegee of the semi-automatic solder paste printer can freely float up and down, and the squeegee seat can be adjusted back and forth. The combined printing platen has a fixed groove and a PIN positioning hole, which is suitable for single and double-sided printing. Three-in-one solenoid valve control, easy maintenance, PLC frequency conversion control, automatic counting, realize man-machine dialogue.

Stacking machine

Laminated stacking machine is a kind of peripheral equipment equipped with SMT production line. It can connect two devices individually, and can also be used in segments or in groups. It can handle PCB boards with specifications specified in the technical parameters. It is widely used for PCB board transmission, inspection, testing, buffer connection and other functions on the production line. It is one of the main devices connecting and buffering between two devices.

Automatic rubber nailing machine

The automatic rubber nailing machine is suitable for inserting rubber nails in the heat sink of various electrical and electronic products. Through tens of thousands of programs, select the program positioning jig to start the automatic rubber nails without the need for personnel to insert them one by one. Glue nails save labor, and the labor saved in one month or two months can be used for several years. Fool-style operation, everyone can use, a real helper for saving labor costs.

Heat sink fixture

Horrol Technology has complete heat sink production equipment, which can produce various types of heat sinks and plastic nail jigs according to the different needs of customers or send samples. The heat sink set can be used with fool-style automatic rubber nails, and you can choose to start the automatic rubber nails with one button for the corresponding program.

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Full automatic sole cleaning machine
Full automatic sole cleaning machine
Automatic nail threading machine
Automatic nail threading machine
SMT peripherals
SMT peripherals

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We have been committed to connecting our dear partners, customers and communities more closely. We firmly believe that here we can connect to a wider stage and make positive changes to the outside world. To open up the global market, we look forward to your joining, to jointly develop the global market, create more value, and make greater contributions to global development. Deeply cultivating SMT peripheral equipment and exploring a clean road, Horrol Technology has been moving forward.

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Dongguan Horrol Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating research and develop, production, sales and service. Since its establishment, it has boldly tried innovation, learned from domestic and foreign industry experience, and successively developed sole cleaner, and soles Shoe washing machine, sole disinfection machine, micro plate loading machine, automatic plate feeding machine, automatic plate receiving machine, automatic plate loading machine, semi-automatic solder paste printing machine, parallel transfer machine, automatic suction plate machine, stacked type Intelligent automation products such as stacking machines adhere to the fundamental purpose of scientific and technological innovation, in line with the core of the corporate culture of "Friendship, Sincerity, Benefit, and Tolerance", and insist on "Live because of you,change for you,great virtue bears all things, virtue spreads over the world,innovating science and technology, changing life,make life better" corporate culture, adhere to the original intention of "Start with heart, end with heart", deeply cultivate SMT peripheral equipment, continuously explore automated intelligent products, use practical actions, and adhere to the scientific development concept , Continuous innovation and improvement, adhering to the principle of "All for customers, all from quality", with our sincerity and professionalism to provide in-place shoe washing machine technical services, to provide enterprises and families with high-standard and high-quality artificial intelligence automation products. Create more value for users and make life better.

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